Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The St. George Marathon

Something that has been on my bucket list for a while was to run a marathon.  We signed up last May and trained really hard all summer long.  Once school started, however, our training was a little... hmmm... lacking.  However, we decided to try running it since we had paid the money and had worked so hard over the summer.  

My sister in law, Lisha, surprised us with this sign out in front of our apartment!

We stayed the night at the Roger's cabin in Pine Valley so we wouldn't have to wake up so early and ride the shuttle.  It turned out to be way nice.  We woke up at five thirty, ate, got dressed and headed to the start line.  We got there fifteen minutes before start time, stretched and were ready to go.  I wish we could have taken pictures of the start line, it was so cool to see everyone there and hear the music, it was great!

We were shooting to keep around a ten minute pace or under for the race.  The first eight miles were a breeze, and I remember thinking to myself, "If this is how the whole race goes, this will be a breeze."  We started to get a little tired after 15 and around 18 is when the trouble set in.  I hadn't been drinking water at each rest stop and that proved to be my downfall.  I wasn't staying hydrated.  I got really sick and spent a lot of time heaving my guts out on the side of the road.  It wasn't pretty.  Several people passed me, a few that made the situation all the more disheartening.  A person with a prosthetic leg passed me, a pregnant woman speed walking, a man who looked like he was about to break into a fit of convulsions at any minute, amongst other people.  Never fear, I figured I had come this far and I was not about to sign up for another one of these!  So, after I started to feel better, we continued on.  

 Tyler, Scott's brother, found us about three miles from the finish line and ran with us the rest of the way.  It was great to have him there!  He was such a great help.

My little incident slowed us down.  WAY down.  But we figured we still got medals if we finished, so it still counted as a success. We made it to the finish line, got our medals, and then got the rewards of running a marathon.  FOOD.  I swear, I have never tasted anything so good in my life.  Blue Bunny was there handing out ice cream.  I got those bottle pops.  I think that is what they are called.  They are red, white and blue?  Anyways, it tasted so good, I went back and got another one.  

Even though we were really behind on time, it didn't matter once it was all over.  We were just glad we finished.  And what was even better was that we finished together. It wasn't until a couple months later we found out that I was the real winner.  We got certificates from the Marathon and I placed before Scott.  I promised him I would never let him forget it either!

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