Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Past to Present

3 years ago to the day, Scott left on his mission. In fact, right now, three years ago, we were just saying our goodbyes. In almost funny to look back on that night. ALMOST. Its funny because its three years later and Scott and I are together again. That night, however, my world came to a stop. It was a pretty sad and pathetic few weeks after Scott left.

Scott served for two years in California and had some of the best experiences of his life. The people he met and helped continue to be our friends to this day. We have been to California to visit three times since he has been home. It's been so fun to meet all of his friends and to watch them as they come together again.

And don't worry, I had plenty of adventure while he was gone!

Two years flew by (I can say that now that its over)! I was so worried that things would be different, I would be different, he would be different. Things were different, but in such a great way. I came to love and admire the changes as well as treasure the similarities.

Who would have thought we would end up here. Ok lets be honest, a lot of people. I'm not usually the predictable type, but in the case, it was pretty obvious that this was the right choice.

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  1. Oh I love this story, and it sounds a little familiar :). you two make a great couple.