Monday, August 1, 2011


Well, I guess this is my semi-anual blog post.  I really should be better.  I commit to myself every time I blog that I will blog again in a week.... and then six months goes by!  It seems time has just flown since we were married!  Its already been over a year. We have had some really fun times and I thought I would catch you up on all those before I started into our most recent and long awaited adventure.  So here is to the last six months...

I had Lasik eye surgery.  This is how I looked every night for two weeks.  I had to tape shields onto my face in case I accidently bumped my face in the night.  Number one, I look rediculous.  Number two, poor Scott. Not only did he have to say goodnight to that face every night but he had to tape the shields in place while I held them!  Besides marrying Scott, Lasik was the best decision I ever made. After I had the surgery , Scott would ask if I liked it and honestly, I would forget I even had it.  It was so easy to forget that I couldn't see before because now I can see so well.  Goodbye to bent glass frames from laying on a pillow trying to watch a movie.  Adios red eyes from contact lenses.  Good riddance!

(The above is my obsession for the month of February.  I don't know how many I consumed and frankly, I would be frightened to find out.)

Valentines Day:  What can I say?  We both went all out.  It was our first Valentines Day as a married couple.  Scott's family does a big scavenger hunt every year with heart shaped clues hidden all around the house.  Since we were married, we were on our own and so we both, unbeknownst to the other, planned a scavenger hunt to carry on the tradition.  Mine was, lets just say, less grand than the one Scott planned.  Scott had made heart shaped clues with bar codes on the back that I would scan with my phone to get the next clue (you may be wondering how that is even possible and... I can't tell you how he did.  But he did.  And he thought it was hilarious.)  My hunt took me from BYU campus to my aunts house, and other various places around Provo.  Unfortunately for Scott, mine was only around our apartment.  No matter the size of the hunt, we both had a good time and created some great memories. 

Scotty with his first clue!

In march, we made a quick trip to Cali to get out of the cold and enjoy some time with the fam.  We had a great time and enjoyed all the eating out and shopping.  

Of course a family vacation is never complete without a little bump in the road.  Or, in our case, a big bump that shredded our tire.  After a very stressful hour of trying to get it fixed, a California road way assistance (something or other) came to the rescue.  He popped the old tire right off and put the spare on, and away we went.  Stressful at the time, but a great memory now.

To end our little vacation, we went to Wicked with Travis and Lindsey. It was so fun to get to spend the evening with them.  This was also the first time that Scott had ever been and he was so excited.  This was our Christmas present from Scott's parents and it was just perfect!

After our vacation, it was back to reality.  I finished up all my classes and the afternoon after my last final, we were headed back to St. George.  Our time in Provo was so much fun and even though we were sad to be away from our family, we definitely enjoyed our time in Utah County.  Some things we will miss include:

1) All the new places to eat.  We love trying new food.  There was so much variety up there.  Some food was great.  Other food was... less than great but one thing you could count on was that it always was an adventure!

2) Macaroni Grill.  When we didn't try a new place, this is where we went. In fact, my goal was to get sick of it before we moved home so I wouldn't miss it.  It didn't work.

3) BYU sporting events.  We lived so close to campus and were able to attend so many games.  We had season tickets to BYU football and I know Scotty loved being so close and attending those.

4) The shopping.  Ok, I love the how many stores there are in Provo because compared to St. George there is a lot!  I miss Banana Republic and the awesome deals I always seem to find.  Scott is probably happy we are out of there for this reason but, well, I'm not!

Provo, until we meet again.

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