Sunday, June 20, 2010

Wedding Weekend!

Well, the pictures have arrived! Enjoy

The new (officially) family

My Dad's side of the family! SO glad they could make it!

Another set of parents! I have about four... yeah... I'm pretty lucky!

My mom, her boyfriend Ernie, and my little sister, Lauren. Especially grateful they could make it!

The Hoopes girls and boy ha hopefully our skills with children won't turn into a trend or there is no hope for Scotty and I.

Leah, Easton and Carter... thought holding the truck would make him happy.... guess I thought wrong

Cute little Hali bug... too bad that half the children at the wedding had a mysterious flu bug and had spent the majority of the day throwing up! At least they looked good!

Favorite Wedding Memory #1 Having all the little kids running around, however sick! Couldn't resist putting this photo up! Darling little Emily with her big blue eyes! So cute! And if you will take a look in the right hand corner... the blue flower was made especially for the wedding! Thanks to Angie for putting them together! It was the perfect touch!

Favorite Wedding Memory #2 Scotty being sick all day... its true... he spent the night before throwing up and most of the next day... so this pictures is what was behind us in the line... sprite and pepto!

Favorite Wedding Memory #3 Having my little sister come to my wedding! I didn't know if she would be able to make it or not and am so glad that she did! It meant so much to me that she could make it! Love ya Lauren!

Favorite Wedding Memory #4 Having My best friend as my Maid of Honor! She was such a wonderful support and looked so beautiful. Thanks for all your help along the way Megs!
Favorite Wedding Memory #5 Having Megan's new husband play some smooth music on his guitar! He is amazing and we are so grateful he could come and play for us on our special night!

Favorite Wedding Memory #6 Having a Wedding Planner.... Saved my life more times than I can count and made the wedding into the beautiful event that it was! Check out her website at

Favorite Wedding Memory #7 Having a professional photographer... Alisha was the best choice by far for us plus, an added bonus, she's in the family! Thanks girl, you captured a lot of great memories! Check out her website at

Favorite Wedding Memory #8 Having family photographers... love this moment with my uncle Bruce... After we had finished out family pictures my uncle stole Scotty and I away to do some photography of his own... if you know my uncle, you would know that this is so him.... loved it! Also, Clint and his wonderful pictures! Thanks guys, for the pics!

Favorite Wedding Memory #9 Cutting the cake, deciding TOGETHER that we wouldn't shove the cake into each others faces, and then doing it anyways

Favorite Wedding Memory #10 Throwing my bouquet! I threw it, of course not looking, and it hit my new sister in law, Lisha, smack in the forehead... Whoops! sorry Lisha!

Stephanie Abraham was the lucky girl who caught the bouquet! Keep your eye on her and see if the tradition really comes true!

Favorite Wedding Memory #11 Marrying my best friend.

Thanks to my Aunt Char and Uncle Rob for their support through my life. Don't know where I would be without them.

Favorite Wedding Memory #12 Tyler and the Rice Krispie Treat... If you know Scotty you know that when it comes to Rice Krispie Treats, anything goes. Scott will hoard, hide and save Rice Krispie Treats no matter the circumstances. He'll deny it, but we all know it's true!

Favorite Wedding Memory # 13 Travis... there are often tears of joy shed at weddings... Travis's were not an exception. However... Travis didn't cry at his OWN wedding so his tears at our wedding... pretty much put him in the dog house! Ok, maybe not that extreme, his wife, Lindsey is pretty understanding, but it will at least give us all something to tease him about!

As many of you know, Scotty was the pitcher of our high school baseball team. He became a State Champion our Junior year. Baseball is kind of a big deal in the Hoopes' Family and the whole family signed a baseball letting us know they were our biggest fans.

Favorite Wedding Memory #14 Matching Capes. As a child Scotty was only found in a cape and underwear... so his family thought it only fitting that we both have super capes to help us throughout the rest of our marriage... Scotty's S is for Super Scott and mine... nothing but a pink flamingo.

Scotty and I have been together for over five years... depending on whose counting

Ever since High School. He has been the most fun loving, sports playing, treat eating, hard working, person I know. I am so glad to have him by my side throughout the rest of my life...

And Eternity

Here's to the next step in our life together


  1. Tess and Scotty
    Drake and I apologize for missing it but we wish you the best!
    LOVE YOU two good luck! Its so good to see you guys happy!
    Drake and Shakari Mason

  2. Love it all ... what a sweet weekend your wedding was!