Saturday, March 20, 2010

Disney Land 2010

Well, the Hoopes family was lucky enough to travel to Disneyland for Spring Break this year! It was a lot of fun and we were all very grateful for the opportunity to escape to Cali! This was my first official time at Disney Land and I was so happy to be there!
Here we are with the flowers!
Scotty, Logan, and I all piled into our very own tea cup! It was... exciting riding with Logan and Scotty because they tried to twirl as fast as they could. I'm glad I didn't eat lunch before this!

Here we are waiting in line for Indiana Jones. The day before I had gotten a little sun burnt and to make sure I wouldn't burn the second day, Scotty bought me this lovely hat! I loved wearing it, now I own my very own Disney Land Mouse ears!

Here we are riding the Jelly Fish ride. I know Scotty will be mad at me for putting this but he wouldn't go on any higher ride than this so we compromised! We rode this with Shellee, Logan, and a whole lot of happy five year olds! It was great!

Here we are our senior year of high school at California Adventure. We went for our grad trip! I can't believe that was three years ago, my how times flies!
Here we are three years later!
Last but not least, this lovely ride! No one would go with Logan and so, after a lot of talking on his part, I decided to go! It shot us up over ten stories and then dropped us... I am not sure why I listened to him but after it was over I was glad I went!

Thanks for the great trip everyone! It was such a treat to go!

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