Sunday, March 28, 2010

Color Festival 2010

Well, here we all are at the Hare Krishna Festival of Colors! Hare Krishna is a Hindu faith and the festival is meant to welcome the many blossoming colors of spring by throwing colored chalk in the air and at each other! There were five couples who ended up going all together! It was a lot of fun and we were so glad we could have so many friends with us!

Meet the couples! Couple 1: Scotty and Tess

Couple Two: Chad and Nicole

Couple Three: Clarissa and Richie

And Couple 4: Dan and Alysa
(We lost couple 5: JK and Kelsie!)

Here we are standing in line waiting to buy chalk. Last year they ran out so we were in a hurry (just like the other 4,000 people trying to buy chalk at the same time we were!) It took quite the maneuvering to get to the front of the line and buy the chalk but we were successful! We bought about ten bags of neon pink, green, yellow, orange, and purple colored chalk.

A lovely hand print compliments of Richie.

Scotty and I before the Festival takes off!

Nicole and Tess! It was so fun to have my roomie come!

Here we all are after some of the chalk throwing.

Luckily we had a great friend, Dan Seegmiller, who was kind enought to allow some of us to rip his white shirt to pieces so we could breath through the cloth! The air was so thick! Thanks Dan for sharing! Shanti!

Scotty and his lovely home made mask ha.

Me... covered in chalk. Luckily this year, my hair didn't stain. Last year I came home and after cleaning myself up, discovered that there was pink and green streaks in my hair! I washed my hair three or four times after that with everything thing I could think of to try and get the color out of my hair. But my effort was for nothing! I had pink and green streaks in my hair for about three weeks!

Let the throwing begin!

After the throwing of the colors was over, we decided to go and see the llamas. This llama was loving named Cuzco. Thanks Rich for the name :).

Scotty with the llama

So, everyone was feeding the llama, I just stood back and took pictures. My decoy didn't last for long and somehow I got stuck with trying to feed this scary creature!

I was so scared! Every time Cuzco would come close I would pull my hand away! I just couldn't do it!

I mean do you blame me! Look at this thing! I am pretty sure its the eyes....

Here's Richie. He was Scotty's trainer when he first went Spanish Speaking on his mission! Richie is a great friend and we were so glad he could come with us to the festival!

Oh goodness we all got a laugh out of this one. Richie got the bright idea to feed the llama of his head! It's a good thing his hair was short or some of it might of gone with the grass!

Here we are with the llama!

Scotty helping me feed the llama because I was too scared! Thanks Scotty!

Thanks everyone for making the Festival one to remember! Hope to see you there next year!

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  1. Looks like you guys had so much fun! We were going to go, but when we drove by the traffic was so crazy that we decided to just go to a movie. Next time you come to Spanish Fork you'll have to visit us. :)