Monday, April 5, 2010


Scotty & I decided that we would participate in a triathlon this past weekend, along with other family & friends! Totally out of my comfort zone but it was so fun! Here we are at 6 in the morning... you can tell by the way we look it's early!

Here goes Scotty! He did great at bike riding! Funny story, so the night before, around nine the boys decided that they should probably get the bikes all ready to go! So, two hours later, we had cages, road tires, and numbers all on the bikes! Even though it made me a little stressed, everything worked out just fine and worked out great during the race!

Here we are near the finish line!
Running our 5k run.

Crossing the finish line!

Honestly, my goal was to finish, and I did! It was a great feeling to finish. We both helped each other through our own rough parts, but the next triathlon, its fend for yourself, so Scotty you better be ready!

Here we all are after finishing the race! Tyler & Travis pretty much rocked it! They both finished around an hour and fifteen minutes! No worries though, the rest of us were right behind them! Great job everyone! Can't wait to see ya next year!


  1. Tess! You are a brave woman! Holy cow, maybe one day I can try to at least wake up for a triathlon...I am impressed. what fun memories you and scotty will have, next time I will be rooting for you for the win(don't tell scott:)).

  2. Tess, I just found your blog through Maggie's. What cute pictures of you and Scott. E-mail me your e-mail so that I can invite you to see our blog... We can't wait to see you again soon.